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• Student Service Administration Office

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• Careers and Employability Centre

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• Finance Assistance

• Access and Participation Office

• Counselling • Chaplaincy

• Student Assistance Fund (SAF) • Student Support Fund (SSF)


• Mature Students

• Student Health Unit

• Access and Disability Service

• Pre-Entry Preparation Programme

We understand that coming to college can be a challenging time for students. With this in mind, the Student Services team provides a range of services to help with the transition. These include professional services,

The Access and Disability Service The Access and Disability Service provides a range of supports and services for students applying to GMIT and attending full-time and part-time courses within the Institute. It facilitates equality of access and participation for all students. Further information and guidelines for both funds are available from the Fund Administrator in Student Services. Tel: +353 91 742550 E-mail:

fi nancial support schemes and pastoral support. Student Services Administration Office This of fi ce organises:

• #First5weeks Welcome Programme • Welfare Campaigns • Garda Vetting for Student Work Placements

• Financial Assistance, and supports • Healthy Campus Information • Consent Workshops • Access and Disability Queries

The of fi ce supports students with: • Physical and Sensory disabilities • Students with signi fi cant on-going illnesses • Students with mental health dif fi culties • Students on the autism spectrum • Students with learning dif fi culties e.g. dyslexia

Financial Assistance In addition to the national schemes to support students in higher education, GMIT has two funds available to help students who fi nd themselves in fi nancial dif fi culty – the Student Assistance Fund and Student Support Fund. • Student Assistance Fund (SAF) The Student Assistance Fund is intended to tackle disadvantage by providing some additional funding to disadvantaged students who require fi nancial support to enable them to fully bene fi t from their third-level studies. Funding is available towards costs relating to rent, transport, books, materials, food, utilities, childcare and medical costs. It cannot be used to pay fees. The Student Assistance Fund is funded by the Irish Government. Eligibility is based on Household income. Students apply online for SAF and upload the required documentation relating to household income and bank details. Students need to submit a new application every academic year and levels of funding and eligibility criteria may differ year to year. • Student Support Fund (SSF) A limited emergency fund is available to students who experience unexpected fi nancial dif fi culties during their time at GMIT. It is usually given in the form of a small short-term loan to help the student through the immediate crisis. Furthermore, full- time and part-time students with exceptional circumstances may be considered for partial fee waivers if they have fee libabilities. Contact for the links to apply for emergency funding or fee waivers.

Students with disabilities are advised to contact the Access and Disability Service in advance of commencing their course or as early as possible in the academic year so that supports can be put in place. Registering with the Access and Disability Service If you have applied to DARE and have been offered a place in GMIT we will be in contact with you. The Learning Support person for your area will make contact to arrange a meeting with you on a 1:1 basis. At this meeting supports will be put in place that meet your learning needs. If you haven't registered with us do keep in mind that you can register with us at any time during your studies. Do contact us with any queries and for further information.

The following supports are available: • Learning support • Interpreters • Personal assistants • Note-takers • Academic support (1:1 and in small groups)

• Alternative induction • Alternative print format • Radio aids • Accessible class location • Interpretation services • Mentoring

• Assistive technology • Assistive technology training • Examination support and examination accommodations • Photocopying service

For further information contact GMIT Access Of fi ce Access Of fi ce Administrator +353 91742392 or Email: accessof fi

Access and Disability Of fi cer +353 91 742129 or Email: accessof fi


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