GMIT Prospectus 2022/23


1. Your Student Experience is Important to Us! At GMIT we understand that transitioning to third level can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a fi ve-week welcome programme to get you settled. You’ll fi nd out about the supports and fi nancial assistance available to you both at GMIT and in the community, how to establish healthy habits, how to manage stress, how to cope with living away from home, you will be inspired for your future and so much more.

PASS aims to help students: • To develop their independent learning and study skills • To adjust more readily to the requirements of their course • To enhance their understanding of their modules • To prepare more effectively for assignments and exams

Discussions in the weekly PASS sessions include: • Accommodation issues, travel or sharing information on the best places to go

• Finding your way around campus • Locating resources in the library • Getting the most out of lectures • Analysing lecture notes and note-taking techniques • Exploring guidelines for getting the best from group work • Practising presentations

The #First5weeks programme will help you fi nd your way around campus, meet new people, make new friends, try new activities and have fun! Check for details 2. Peer Assisted Study Sessions Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are timetabled weekly and are run by student leaders from senior years. PASS supports fi rst year students and helps students settle into college life and study.

• Reviewing lectures you’ve found dif fi cult • Analysing assignment and exam questions For more information on the GMIT PASS Programme visit or Email:

3. Learning and Innovation Skills (LIS) An academic skills development module for all fi rst year students.

GMIT has developed a common Institute module for all fi rst years. This is an active learning module and its aim is to ease the transition to third level education and develop the academic skills required to undertake a course in GMIT. This module is all about learning actively, developing creativity and being innovative. The module is contextualised for each course of study and covers topics such as: • What is learning at third level and student responsibilities? • Learning methodologies • Understanding learning styles • Learning skills development, such as methods of note taking for a speci fi c discipline • Personal development plans (PDPs) (e.g. ‘A Learning Log’, ‘A Learning Portfolio’, ‘An ePortfolio’, ‘An Artistic Statement’ etc.) • Time management

About the GMIT PASS Programme

PASS at GMIT Collaborative learning sessions led by student leaders. Celebrating

2009 - 2019 Years



+ Student Leaders 100 40

Leaders 9 3

Degree Programmes + Student

Degree Programmes



SAVINGS € 30,000 for every

PASS has supported

Online PASS Leadership Course la nched u

250+ Students enrolled to date

14,000 800+

student retained


• Group work / Team skills • Learning with ‘Moodle’ • Study skills (e.g. Finding Information skills / Research skills) • Problem solving skills • Referencing

Since launching in 2009, the GMIT PASS Programme has been adopted by many HEIs in Ireland and internationally.

PASS is a weekly one-hour study session scheme for fi rst years and is led by students called PASS Leaders. It offers cross-year support between students on the same course and encourages fi rst year students to support each other and learn co-operatively under the guidance of two PASS Leaders (i.e. students from the second, third or fourth year of their course). First year students may decide what is to be discussed at the weekly PASS sessions.

The LIS module is supported by a suite of online learning resources called Academic Success: Skills for Learning, Skills for Life.


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