GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

d) GC(S)E and other School Leaving Examinations A combination of Northern Ireland or British GC(S)E and GCE A-Level and AS Level at certain grades and Applied A-Levels will be considered (see details on Applicant Scoring).

k) Advanced Craft Certificate (QQI FET award Level 6) i) The Advanced Craft Certi fi cate quali fi es applicants for entry to year one of Level 6, Level 7 or Level 8 courses (QQI) or for entry to year two of linked/cognate courses (e.g. electrical or electronic or energy engineering) either direct or after completion of a short bridging course especially in Mathematics. ii) Apprentices who have successfully completed Phase 6 of the craft apprenticeship (Advanced Craft Certi fi cate) will be deemed eligible to meet the minimum entry requirements to all courses in GMIT.

e) Other European Union (EU) School Leaving Examinations Applications are assessed and scored by the Institute.

f) QQI FET Foundation Certificate and Joint GMIT/NUI Galway Foundation Certificates Students who successfully complete courses are eligible for admission either through the guaranteed places process, or through the mature student process. g) Leaving Certificate Vocational Course (LCVP) The LCVP ‘Link Module’ will be considered as a passing subject provided the student achieves a pass grade. This will apply to entry for higher certi fi cate (Level 6), ordinary degree (Level 7), and honours degree (Level 8) courses. The ‘Link Module’ result is considered and may be used as one of the best six subjects. Points are awarded on the basis of the classi fi cation below. Link Modules ‘Subject’ (LCVP)

l) English Language Requirements



Non-EU applicants, who are not English speakers, must have a minimum score of 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS - Academic) or equivalent. EU applicants, who are not English speakers, are recommended to have a minimum score of 6.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS - Academic) or equivalent.

Non-EU applicants:

EU applicants:



Distinction 66 points

28 points

46 points

m) International Students See Global Opportunities section for further information.

h) Foundation Level Mathematics A pass in foundation level mathematics at F2 level or higher will be accepted as meeting the minimum entry requirements for courses which currently require a minimum entry level of O6 in ordinary Leaving Certi fi cate Mathematics, except for all engineering courses (including all courses at Letterfrack) and nursing.

SELECTION First Year Courses Standard applicants will be assessed solely on the basis of educational quali fi cations with the exception of restricted courses. The ranking of applicants will be based on Leaving Certi fi cate points rating in accordance with Table 1 below and will be calculated on the basis of the six best subjects in one Leaving Certi fi cate only. Eligibility requirements in terms of Leaving Certi fi cate subjects may be satis fi ed over two or more Leaving Certi fi cates. Candidates holding a Leaving Certi fi cate from 1992 to 2016 will be scored as per Table 2. Bonus Points for Higher Mathematics * A bonus of 25 points will be added to the points score for a H6 or above in higher level Mathematics. The bonus points are included in the overall points calculation only when Mathematics is one of the six best subjects following the addition of the bonus. Bonus points will be awarded irrespective of the year in which the examination was taken.

Where foundation level Mathematics is accepted as a passing subject, at a minimum F2 grade, the following points scoring system will apply:

F1 20

F2 12

Note: Applicants are advised that, while foundation level Mathematics may meet the minimum mathematics requirement for entry to certain academic courses, some employers require Mathematics at ordinary level or higher level to meet minimum educational attainment for some positions. i) Foundation Level Irish Foundation level Irish, at minimum F2 level, meets the minimum language requirement for entry to all courses with the exception of nursing. No CAO points are awarded for foundation level Irish. j) Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) The Leaving Certi fi cate Applied does not meet the minimum entry requirements to Institute courses. Holders of the LCA may gain entry following completion of a QQI FET Level 5 or 6 Major award.


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