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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science (Level 8) Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science (Level 7)

Code: GA782 Level: 8 Code: GA772 Level: 7

Why study Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science? This course focuses on the practical application of chemistry. Students learn how new medicines are discovered and how to ensure that they are safe and of high quality. A strong emphasis on practical work and projects gives the students a great experience in all these areas. It prepares graduates for immediate employment in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biomedical, and biotechnology sectors. Not all graduates wear white coats. In addition to laboratory work, there is a huge demand for graduates from this course in areas including quality management, quality assurance, training and development, regulatory affairs, marketing and research. In addition, graduates can pursue postgraduate (MSc or PhD) courses immediately. There is no need to have studied chemistry for the Leaving Certificate, as the fundamentals of all science subjects are delivered in year one.

What are my career opportunities? Graduates fill vacancies in research and development, quality assurance and regulatory departments within the pharmaceutical, biomedical and research sectors. They also find employment in accreditation, validation and sales and marketing associated with these and other related industries. Opportunities would also exist in areas such as process development and operations, organic synthesis, and analysis.

Student experience

Charis Concepcion I completed my six-month work placement in Reagecon Diagnostics in Shannon Co. Clare. My role focused on the manufacture of chemical standards and certified reference materials. Working with professionals may seem daunting initially. However, it is an excellent opportunity to expand your network and gain invaluable skills that can only be learned through real-world experience. My placement undoubtedly helped me to Research and Development Department, gaining an insight into the importance of product development and building a valuable network within the company. Tamara Jordan My work placement with Hollister Incorporated provided me with the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge I acquired over the course of my college experience and make a valuable contribution to a wide range of projects in an industrial setting. I spent eight months working in the

What will I study? Year 1: • Biology • Chemistry • Physics • Maths • Learning Innovation Skills Note: There is no need to have studied any particular Science subject at Leaving Certificate level, as the fundamentals of all science subjects are delivered in year one. Year 2: • Microbiology • Good Manufacturing Practice

Year 3: • Chromatographic Methods • Inorganic and Physical Chemistry 3 • Organic Chemistry 3 • Computing for Chemists • Spectrophotometric Methods of Analysis • Electrochemical and Pharmacopeia Methods • Placement (six months) Year 4: • Analytical Chemistry 4 • Inorganic Chemistry 4 • Medicinal Chemistry 4 • Organic Chemistry 4 • Physical and Industrial Chemistry 4 • Research project

• Inorganic Chemistry • Organic Chemistry • Physical Chemistry • Biological Chemistry • Data Handling and Statistics • Analytical Techniques • Instrumentation • Computing and Scientific Communications

evaluate my strengths which led to a boost in my self-confidence. I was also involved in various projects throughout my time in Reagecon, which allowed me to demonstrate the scientific skills and knowledge I have learned from doing BSc. in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science in GMIT. At the end of my internship, I was fortunate to be offered a position as an industrial chemist in Reagecon.

School of Science and Computing

DURATION 3/4 years



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