GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

Graduate Profiles

Colin Marren Production Design and Development Engineer at Lowden Guitars “Lowden Guitars have just started a new collaborative venture with Ed Sheeran. I have been working in a team of five people to develop a brand-new production line for the newly launched Sheeran by Lowden guitars. My roll has included designing CNC vacuum fixtures for machining various guitar parts, designing jigs to increase productivity and accuracy and developing custom workstations for each part of production. All parts that are designed go from initial concept and sketches to a 3D model which is then machined on one of our 3-axis CNCs.

John Curry Furniture Designer and Consultant My four years in GMIT Letterfrack have been unforgettable and have been the best four years of my life to date. The friendships I have made with not only my peers, but with the staff members also, are ones that I will truly treasure. GMIT Letterfrack is a hidden gem in the middle of Connemara. With top of the range educational facilities and woodworking machinery, I have acquired all the skill sets and more, to achieve the job title I never thought was

Now that production has begun, my roll has moved into training new employees, being on the interview panel, scheduling the production process, production flow, stock control, improving quality and productivity in the production line, as well as dealing with various faults and issues along the production line. I’m also lucky enough to work with metal machining, 3D printing, vacuum and pneumatics, along with 3- and 5-axis CNC machinery. My four years in GMIT Letterfrack have been the best years of my life to date and I have met some incredible people along the way. The friendships I have made both locally and within the college are ones that I will cherish forever. I was absolutely over

possible for me. Before attending this college, I wouldn’t have considered myself an academic type of person. However, the course has provided me with unrecognisable support from all the staff members, allowing every student to develop and be the best they can be. Four years later, I would have never of thought I would be exiting this course with a first class honours degree, and a world of opportunities in front of me. It is the first time I feel I have succeeded academically, but none of this would ever have been possible if it wasn’t for the lectures and staff of GMIT Letterfrack. I currently work as a project manager for a large company, my work involves: • Meeting with architects / clients and discussing how to achieve their bespoke design proposals • To project the project timeline on to a series of Gantt Charts / Schedules • Discover long lead items & Complete Material Requisitions • Ensuring the client is getting the best quality product at all times, while adhering to the international standards set out within the industry • Managing the successful completion of the project, on time, within budget and ensuring the client is pleased with the final finished project GMIT Letterfrack has provided me with all the crucial knowledge of how the industry works right through from understanding the core principles of a product and design, to

the moon to collect two awards along with my degree. The first being the academic achievement in my class for receiving highest marks. Usually I wouldn't care much for these awards, but I am genuinely proud of this. It's the first time I feel that I have really succeeded academically and reassures me hard work does pay off. The second award was a non-academic award and was for "Contribution to Student Life". This was based on involvement in the student body, being involved within college activities, being a student representative and involvement in the community. I am very proud of both awards for different reasons. I can’t say enough about GMIT Letterfrack - there is simply no college like it. The lecturers and staff do everything for their students and go above and beyond for them. The opportunities we received before we even stepped foot outside the gate was incredible. The skills and knowledge I learned were crucial to my role at Lowden Guitars.”

understanding all the mechanics of how a business is run, all the way through to how to manage a project and deliver the best quality product for your client. One thing that always stands out for me in my head is how much lectures emphasis deadlines in relation to assignments in college. This basic principle really comes to reality when you realise how important it is to meet the deadlines clients sets out. It just illustrates that there is so much more unknown fundamental principles that are thought to you through your time in college, that only really comes to light when you put them into use in real life scenarios.


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