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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing and Digital Media (Level 8) Bachelor of Science in Computing and Digital Media (Level 7)

Code: GA171 Level: 7 Code: GA788 Level: 8 7 6

Why study Computing and Digital Media? The course presents an opportunity to study exciting new areas in 2D & 3D graphics, animation, dynamic web design & development, video production and database technologies for multiplatform environments. You will develop skills in a variety of software toolkits and applications through hands-on practical development work, and the production of rich media and web application content for a wide range of platforms. The course places a significant emphasis on practical skills and you will work individually and in groups on a variety of projects. This course of study fosters the development of creative thinking, and the development of interpersonal and project management skills and competencies required to work in the technology sector.

What are my career opportunities? Graduates from the course can look forward to excellent career opportunities in the digital technology sector. Having attained a wide range of skills and competencies in computing, mobile technology, digital media and web development, graduates can look forward to career prospects where such versatility and adaptability is in constant demand. Follow-on Studies Students successfully completing Year 3 of the Bachelor of Science in Computing and Digital Media (Level 7), can then apply internally for Year 4, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computing and Digital Media. GMIT Honours (Level 8) qualifications are recognised worldwide for postgraduate entry.

What will I study?

Year 1: • Introduction to Digital Graphics & Design • Web Design & Development • Digital Narrative • Skills & Innovation • Digital Media & Social Computing • Essential Maths for Computing • Business & Analytical Information Systems Year 2: • Audio Video Design & Production 1 • Applied Digital Media • IT Professional Skills • Database Management • Object-oriented Computing 1 • Applied Networking Technologies • System Analysis • Project Management

Year 3: • Mobile Web App Design Develop1 & 2 • Dynamic Web Development • Object-oriented Computing 2 • Professional Practice • 3D Modelling and Animation • Dynamic Web Development • Digital Marketing Web Analytics • Audio Video Design & Production 2 • Mobile Applications Development Year 4: • 3D Virtual World • Media and Technology Convergence • Group Project • Virtual and Augmented Reality • Software Testing Social Web/Digital • Media Strategy • Secure Web Applications • Advanced Databases

Student experience

John Gavin John Gavin completed his Level 7 degree in BSC in Business Computing & Digital Media and the follow-on Level 8 BSC (Hons) IT for Business in 2013 (replaced by Level 8 BSC (Hons) in Computing & Digital Media) at GMIT, Galway. He is now employed as a web developer in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Innovation centre in Ballybrit Business Park in Galway.

“I am part of a small team that specialise in web application development. My primary role as a web developer is taking a set of customer requirements and transforming, these into a dynamic web application. Depending on the requirements we will decide which technologies and programming languages to use, primarily we use a full stack JavaScript environment which consists of a Node.JS backend and a Vue.JS frontend. Another major aspect of my current role is web analytics. Using JavaScript techniques, we track all aspects of a user’s visit to a site, this includes the visitor’s location, what website they came from, how long they spend on each section of the site and how they interact with the different features on the site. The most enjoyable aspect of my work is that every day is different. In web development new platforms and libraries are constantly released, keeping up with these changes is both challenging and interesting. “

School of Science & Computing

DURATION 3/4 years



Talk to us: John Farrell, Course Chair Tel:+353 91 74 2882 | E-mail: Talk to us: Valerie Butler, Course Chair Tel:+353 91 74 2540 | E-mail:


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