GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

GMIT Science and Health

Student experience

Cathy Sheils (Sports and Exercise Science) My work placement at Castlegar N.S. and Scoil

San Phroinsias gave me a fantastic opportunity to see how the skills and

knowledge that I have acquired from the Sport and Exercise Science course can be applied in a practical setting. Throughout my time on placement I learned to be organised, to work in a busy environment and most of all

I have gained valuable experience and contacts. The placement experience has helped me to sharpen my focus towards acquiring the necessary skill sets and knowledge to enable me to pursue a career in PE teaching.

Student experience

Ayrton Walshe (Final Year Student)

I have just finished my final year in BSc Sports and Exercise Science at GMIT. Although the experience was quite challenging, it was ultimately worthwhile. The timetable and schedule of the course allowed me to

Student experience

Omololu Ibiyemi (Sports and Exercise Science)

maintain a social life, work my way through college and still maintain high academic standards. Subject-wise, each year presents a variety of sport, general health and research- based modules which open more pathways than I could have ever expected. The lecturing staff are intelligent, supportive and have the perfect blend of knowledge and experience which helps keep the learning process interactive! We also had regular speakers from practice who gave us insights into their careers and offered advice to the group. The lectures are designed to develop practical ability, which is then built on in labs, these are held in the state-of-the-art site in Loughgeorge. The transferable skills I've gained have allowed me to work with national sporting bodies, work locally coaching everything from athletes to the elderly, and completing sports nutrition work experience with teams! I also completed a recent three-month placement module with a supplement brand, and I feel I am well-equipped to pursue a career in nutrition following further education. All the students come from a sporting or exercise background which made everyone 'click' from the beginning, this was a major help in transitioning from secondary school! If you enjoy sport or exercise and have a love for science, then seriously consider Sports and Exercise Science at GMIT.

As a final year Sport and Exercise Science student, the opportunity to undergo an extended period of time in a professional environment was one that promised personal and professional growth in the field. I had the amazing opportunity to work with the Irish Athletic Boxing Association , at their High-Performance Unit, located in the Sport Ireland Institute. In doing so, I was tasked

with the daily monitoring of Olympic-standard athletes, while upholding a fluid and effective line of communication with the equally talented high-performance staff members. I also had the opportunity to compose my thesis based on the boxers I worked with. This experience widened my scope of knowledge on one of the most popular sports in the world, while also giving me vital insight into what it is like to work in an elite sports setting. It taught me to always remember that all athletes, no matter the standard they are competing at, must be treated as human beings first before being considered for any form of sports science intervention. The experience also sharpened by ability to adapt, which is crucial in any sports setting.


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