GMIT Prospectus 2022/23


Student experience

Student experience

Karen Warde (BA in International Hotel Management)

Hannah O’Connor (BA in Culinary & Gastronomic Science)

I chose to study in GMIT, as I felt that it offered the best practical and learning experiences that are needed to work in the hospitality industry. I had originally applied for the Level 7 course and graduated at the end of year three with my Bachelor of Business degree in Hotel and Catering

I have always enjoyed cooking food and the science behind it as well, so this course seemed like the best choice. I did some research into the college and this course, and I was extremely excited by the prospect of the coming years of education. Although there was a similar course closer to home in Donegal, I

Management. However, I felt there was still so much more to learn about this industry, and so I progressed into the fourth and final year of the hotel course and will graduate with an Honours degree come the end of 2020. Before starting this course, I had never worked in a hotel; I was going into college to learn something new and exciting. I love being able to meet new people and network and felt this course was the best one for me. The idea of being able to have a degree that is recognised world-wide and to work and travel in an industry that you get to meet amazing people and work in incredible hotels, I still find is so exciting to this day. Throughout my four years in Galway International Hotel School, I enjoyed so many opportunities. I got to visit La Rochelle on a European trip with my classmates. Thanks to our fantastic lecturers who organised our class trips we were “wined and dined” and enjoyed amazing meal experiences in Ashford Castle, Gregans Castle and the Twelve Hotel. Work Placement is a very important part of our studies. I completed my placement for Year 1 in the Ardilaun Hotel in Galway and in Year 2, I had the amazing opportunity of carrying out my international placement in the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland. These were both amazing experiences and I was able to put the practical and theoretical side of my studies into action. The connections that I have made in my four years in GMIT are helping me gain new opportunities every day and proves how important networking is with people in this industry. I thoroughly enjoyed four years in GMIT and highly recommend this course if you enjoy working with people, travelling the world and seek a rewarding and fulfilling career.

chose to go to Galway because I wanted to experience some independence. Looking back on the two years of college that I have already completed, there were many wonderful and interesting aspects to note. The facilities, the high-class kitchens, syllabus and especially the lecturers, are fantastic. They have taught us different culinary techniques, helped us to refine our skills and have delivered a vast amount of knowledge to us. What I found to be one of the most important parts of college was work experience. I have, and continue to work in Harveys Point , a four-star luxury hotel in Donegal where I have gained first-hand experience in the culinary industry. It has been extremely informative and helped me to expand my abilities into specific branches in the culinary world. For the future, now that I have focused on the culinary side of the course, I am going to be putting my attention to the scientific side of the food industry. Although I do not have a specific job in mind for after I finish, I do however have amazing experience and plenty of options to choose from. These opportunities would not have been possible without the guidance of GMIT and for that, I will always be grateful. The two years thus far, will be times that I will always remember and will appreciate, and hopefully I will put these skills to good use in the future.


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