GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

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Student experience

James Dempsey (BA in International Hotel Management)

Aiden Coughlan (Higher Certificate in Culinary Arts Professional Chef Course) I did a Level 6 in Culinary Arts starting in 2018. It was a great course. I chose GMIT because it has a great reputation for teaching people that end up becoming successful chefs and it has a very good reputation throughout Europe. The course consisted of two years in college with a three-month

I chose GMIT, as from a young age I have loved the hospitality industry. After working in a local hotel, I decided to study the BA in International Hotel Management, as this was a very diverse course, which covered a wide range of topics. I was also very

attracted to the two work placements, which are part of the course. This gives you the opportunity to start building your CV whilst in college and gaining fantastic practical experience. This gave me the opportunity to put what I learnt in the classroom, into practice. Years one and two of the course focused mostly on the practical elements such as culinary skills, food and beverage techniques, front office operations and accommodation services. This gave me a great understanding of how all of the hotels’ departments operate. The LINKS office has many connections worldwide which ensures you can find the property that suits you for both the placement in Ireland and abroad. I completed my 30-week international placement in the Wequassett resort in Cape Cod, USA. This was a fantastic experience where I learned all aspects of five-star service and to meet so many new people. As well as this, I learnt many new ideas, which I will implement back home. The final two years of the course focused on different business modules, which was very useful. In the current uncertain times, a degree in Hotel Management will be extremely beneficial as there as so many different pathways and opportunities.

placement in the summer, in between Year 1 & 2. I did my work placement at the Titanic Hotel in Belfast . It was an invaluable experience to have on my C.V. I believe it has opened doors for me that may never have opened. The college also helps set up employment opportunities by arranging meetings between students and loads of fantastic employers at the Hotel’s Schools Careers fair each year. The assistance the college itself gave me was brilliant, from the LINKS office to individual lecturers, who are always there to ask for advice and help. Throughout the first year and into the summer, I found my confidence building because I was doing something that brought me out of my comfort zone and it helped me grow as a person. I would recommend Galway International Hotel School to anyone thinking about doing any culinary course, simply because it is the best around and they take the time to help you. As well as teaching you the basics, they also teach you the more difficult and intricate areas of chef work. They also give you advice to help prepare you for industry if you have never been there before, and you learn a lot about different food cultures. I have decided to progress and do the third year in Culinary and Gastronomic science, which I am really looking forward to doing.

Student experience

Student experience

Hannah Porter (BB Hotel & Catering Management) I have just completed my Bachelor of Business in Hotel and Catering Management at GMIT. Researching as a mature student, I chose to study the Business Degree at the Galway International Hotel School in GMIT, as it offers a thorough and practical content. You cannot manage staff unless you have a

David Higgins (BA in International Hotel Management)

I chose to study Hotel and Catering management, as I wanted a career where I could travel and meet new people. I really enjoyed the four-year course. I have had great experiences both in the college, such as organising catering events and helping with the careers fair, and outside of college going on class trips,

complete understanding of their role. At GMIT, you study from the grass roots upwards, with many practical modules throughout the course allowing you to obtain a thorough knowledge prior to setting out in your career. I worked in the hospitality industry throughout my degree and spent my 30-week work placement in the USA where I was employed in a five-star hotel, Hotel Hershey in Pennsylvania as part of the beverage management team. Working in this industry, allows you to work anywhere in the world and facilitates networking for future employment. I am currently planning to travel abroad for several years to gain further experience, before returning to Ireland to hopefully continue my career in Hotel Management.

learning about hospitality in Ireland and abroad. All three of my work placements have helped me so much in my career, working in Lahinch alongside my lecturer and friends in Year 1, then going abroad to Scotland for seven months working in one of the most incredible hotels in the UK, Gleneagles and finally working in Ashford Castle , being mentored by the general manager. I really enjoyed my time in all three establishments and I am thankful to the college for helping me to get these placements, which allowed me to learn new skills, meet some amazing people and experience the different aspects hospitality has to offer. I plan to use my hospitality degree to travel Europe and America for the next couple of years.


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