GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

Why Study Computing?

Computer science is the study of computation and information. It encompasses the theoretical study of algorithms - an unambiguous sequence of actions for solving a problem or performing some task and the practical problems involved in implementing these algorithms in terms of computer software and hardware. There is a general acceptance of the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of computer science - computing is all around us. Computing as a field of study can be challenging but is highly rewarding at a multitude of levels. Computer science spans both theory and practice and requires of its practitioners that they think in abstract as well as in concrete terms. Prospective students will learn how to design solutions and verify that they are correct; in essence, how to become problem solvers. Problem solving requires creativity, precision, verification, and hard work. Students need to be oriented and intrinsically motivated toward these goals and demands. Computing degrees at GMIT are underpinned by a ‘learning by doing’ approach, which ensures graduates develop a tangible and marketable set of skills, aptitudes and abilities. A degree in computing / IT is particularly suited to individuals interested in a detailed study of computers and the major phenomena that surround them, and in particular, the science of information processes and their interactions with the world. GMIT computing degrees provide extensive exposure to software development, digital graphics, web development, cloud computing, apps development and application design. Completion of a computing degree enables individuals to make a valuable contribution to society at many levels. A degree in computing / IT provides a blend of theoretical and practical learning focused on critical thinking to solve real world problems across a variety of contexts and disciplines (business, science, engineering, medicine, communications, creative arts etc.). This is enriching and rewarding educationally, and of practical benefit in terms of the variety of career choices it enables in later life. The ensuing set of skills and competencies developed by students who successfully complete a computing degree have an international currency and relevance to them; this may be particularly attractive to students who may wish to work and travel internationally during their professional career.

Learning Pathway

Level 6

Higher Certificate

2 Years total

Level 7

Bachelor Degree

3 Years (or 2 + 1)

Level 8

Honours Bachelor Degree

4 Years (or 3 + 1)

Level 9 / 10

Masters Degree / PhD Degree


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