GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

Civic Engagement Student Experiences

“The visit from the pupils of Lakeview did as much for us or perhaps more than the rest of the course in its entirety. ”

“Instead of just showing us real world applications of our courses, it’s teaching students to think outside of simply caring about themselves.”

Starting college is a big challenge and unfortunately a lot of fi rst year students don't make it to second year. This is a civic issue that GMIT is committed to improving and nobody would be better quali fi ed to help than students who have successfully made it through to second year of their Course. As part of the Mechanical Engineering Civic Engagement module they can choose to help their fellow fi rst years integrate into third level education. In Mechanical and Energy engineering courses, they lead a group of fi rst years through a week of fun, building smartcars and discovering the different aspects of their course. All culminating in a friendly competition. “Civic engagement offered us a chance to learn and develop our knowledge, skills and empathy through the participation of our service experiences that actually meet community needs.”

School of Business Students, Rachel Healy, Aisling O'Malley, and Orlaith Downey with their lecturer Evelyn Moylan from the GMIT Civic Engagement programme running a fundraising event for Heart Children Ireland.

“I was fortunate to encounter such inspiring people and it gave me encouragement to help more in my community.”


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