GMIT Prospectus 2022/23

GMIT Science and Health

Undenominated Science (Level 8) Undenominated Science (Level 7)

Code: GA784 Level: 8 Code: GA774 Level: 7

Student experience

Mary Keith As a mature student I started in GMIT thinking I would study Marine Biology but then decided to switch to Physics and Instrumentation after first year. I would highly recommend this course and the work placement module as a prospect to learn new and hugely relevant skills with immensely qualified and helpful lecturers and supervisors.

Why study Science (Undenominated) Level 7 or Level 8? If you are unsure about which science discipline you wish to study, you may apply for the BSc and BSc (Honours) undenominated course. Year 1 involves the study of a range of science subjects, including Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Physics and Learning & Innovation Skills. At the end of Year 1, you have a choice of the following courses (subject to availability of places). See diagram below:

Student experience

Chloe O’Mahony I came into GMIT initially thinking I wanted to complete the Biology and Biopharmaceutical course but at the end of first year I changed over to physics. While I had previously disliked physics in Leaving Cert, the lectures that we had for first year physics provided the information in both an informative and fun way. By the time the option

Applied Freshwater andMarine Biology

Physics and Instrumentation

to change course came, physics had become both my favourite and best subject. While I was slightly on the fence about changing, as changing course did seem like a big step to take, but after speaking with the lecturers that I had for physics labs, tutorial and lectures it became apparent that it was the right thing to do.

Undenominated Sciences

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science

Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science

Forensic Science

Note: There is no need to have studied any particular Science subject at Leaving Certificate level, as the fundamentals of all science subjects are delivered in Year 1.

School of Science and Computing

DURATION 3/4 years



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