NUI Galway Postgraduate Prospectus 2021

Education Studies (Professional Diploma in) School of Education College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies

PROGRAMMES AVAILABLE: PDip DURATION: 1 year (blended/ distance education), part-time NUMBER OF PLACES: 35 COURSE INSTANCE(S): PFS FEES AND FUNDING: Fees information and funding opportunities: pages 286 and 288. CLOSING DATE: None, determined by Programme Team and Programme Director.

NEW for 2021

Your Course The Professional Diploma in Education Studies is the first in a suite of courses that will cover a number of specialist content areas. The Professional Diploma in Education Studies (Leading Innovation) is a qualification in leading innovative learning in schools. It will be delivered through distance education and supported with an online/ blended approach to engaging learners. It is aimed at education professionals who would like to challenge and/or improve the way they think about their work in a variety of ways. Our course will include some face-to-face sessions, and we believe that these combined with more frequent online engagement will provide a dynamic and transformative learning experience for all learners. We are committed to developing our students’ critical voice through reading, discussion, peer learning, presentations, critical review, reflection and practical application. This commitment to participative learning experiences will ensure that high-quality learning outcomes are achieve. Career Opportunities There are four main career pathways: 1. Permanent or more substantial contract in initial employment; 2. Internal promotion within current schools; 3. Job mobility—transfer to other schools; 4. Employment opportunities in education support services. Minimum Entry Requirements A Level 8 undergraduate degree (H2.2) or equivalent in education, the social sciences, arts and humanities, or other relevant discipline is required. FIND OUT MORE AT: education-studies.html

CONTACT Dr Paul Flynn, Programme Director E:


1. Critically engage with emergent and current trends influencing the field of education today. 2. Design appropriate and effective curricula and instructional strategies in literacy/numeracy that are informed by contemporary pedagogical theories. 3. Develop a network of professional relationships with a wide range of individuals in the field of education.

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