NUI Galway Postgraduate Prospectus 2021

Live and Learn We offer a wide range of part-time, flexible courses suitable for professional development opportunities to upskill or enhance career prospects. Many of these programmes are taught fully online or via blended learning, so they especially suit those who are working full- or part-time. These flexible delivery modes allow you to study at times that best suit you. In an online course, you receive all your course materials online. They are designed in a self-instructional, easy-to-follow format with an opportunity to engage in online discussions with your fellow students and course tutor. You will also receive course feedback, activities, and assignments online. In a fully online programme, you will not have to attend the university campus for examination: these are carried out online using continuous assessment or timed examination formats. Blended learning programmes are very similar to online programmes, with the added opportunity of attending periodic face-to-face workshops on campus. Flexible learning options require you to think differently about how you communicate with the university, interact with other students, complete assignments and, most importantly, study. If you enjoy working independently, have strong organisation and time management skills, and are comfortable working with technology, then this flexible mode of learning could be for you. Technologies and Teaching The Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching (CELT) at NUI Galway supports a range of technologies that underpin online and blended courses. From the university’s online learning platform (Blackboard) to video-collaboration tools, from podcasts to interactive multimedia, NUI Galway staff and students are provided with the very latest and most effective tools to support learning and teaching. Please see Page 308 for a list of postgraduate blended learning and online learning programmes.


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