NUI Galway Postgraduate Prospectus 2021

178 Chemistry Research 179 Computer Science (Artifical Intelligence) 180 Computer Science (Artifical Intelligence— online, part-time) 181 Computer Science (Data Analytics) 182 Computer Science (Data Analytics and Visualisation) 183 Software Design & Development (External Stream) 184 Software Design & Development (HDip) 185 Software Design & Development (Industry Stream) 186 Software Design & Development (MSc) 187 Software Engineering 188 Software Engineering & Database Technologies 189 AgInnovation: Agricultural Innovation & Entrepreneurship 190 Biomedical Engineering 191 Civil Engineering 192 Electrical & Electronic Engineering 193 Electronic & Computer Engineering 194 Energy Systems Engineering 195 Enterprise Systems Programmes

203 Mathematics 204 Neuropharmacology 205 Toxicology 206 AgriBiosciences 207 AgriFood Sustainability & Technology 208 Biodiversity and Land Use Planning (Blended Learning or Modular Basis) 209 Biomedical Science 210 Biotechnology 211 Cancer Research 212 Environmental Leadership 214 Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security 215 Medical Technologies Regulatory Affairs & Operations (Cert) 216 Medical Technologies Regulatory Affairs & Quality (Cert) 217 Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs (HDip) 218 Medical Technology Affairs (MSc) 219 Sustainable Environments 220 Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice 221 Astronomical Instrumentation 222 Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) 223 Medical Physics 224 Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety 225 Occupational Health & Safety (Top-Up)

196 Mechanical Engineering (ME) 197 Mechanical Engineering (MSc) 198 TechInnovation

199 Applied Mathematics 200 Biomedical Genomics 202 Genomics Data Science

A range of full-time and part-time research options (master’s and PhD) are also available. Please see page 261 for research programme listings or visit: ME Programme Accreditation The Master of Engineering (ME) at NUI Galway is part of an integrated (bachelor’s + master’s) 4+1 programme of study, meeting the European Framework Standards for engineering accreditation. Successfully completing this (Level 9) ME course, as part of an accredited 4+1 structure, will allow you to achieve the educational requirements for Chartered Engineer (CEng) status upon graduation. The ME programme on its own is a 60 ECTS, one academic year course of study. Graduates with an honours degree in a cognate engineering discipline may be eligible to take the ME. This will be of interest to graduates who wish to study more advanced topics in their core engineering discipline. Applicants wishing to use the ME programme as part of their CEng certification should be aware that professional accreditation is assessed by the Engineering Councils on the basis of the aggregate periods of study (Level 8 + Level 9), and not on the master’s year alone. Candidates need to satisfy themselves that their undergraduate (Level 8) degree meets the relevant standards.


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