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PROGRAMMES AVAILABLE: MSc DURATION: 1 year, full-time; 2 years, part-time NUMBER OF PLACES: 5 COURSE INSTANCE(S): 1OBS1, full-time; 1OBS2, part-time FEES AND FUNDING: Fees information and funding opportunities: pages 286 and 288. CLOSING DATE: NUI Galway does not set a deadline for receipt of applications (with some exceptions). Offers will be issued on a continuous basis. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. See page 284 for full details of when and how to apply.


Your Course This newly established masters programme provides a broad and comprehensive curriculum that is clinically relevant and that also has a strong theoretical basis. Obesity is a major health problem, both for affected individuals and for society. There is a growing awareness of the need to provide effective treatments and prevention strategies. Our motivation in developing this programme at NUI Galway is two-fold: to inform better, evidence-based, compassionate and dignified care to patients affected by obesity and related disorders and secondly to inform better population level strategies to mitigate the obesity epidemic. This two-pronged approach is a strong theme throughout the programme, reflected in the two distinct obesity modulesthat form part of the core learning. Our students will develop in-depth knowledge of the various therapeutic strategies available to patients and will understand the factors underlying variations in the obesity phenotype. Students will also appreciate the potential benefits and disadvantages of various population level strategies that can be formulated to address the obesity crisis, and the societal, political and legislative challenges faced in deploying these. Career Opportunities For doctors this programme will be an adjunct to specialist training (rather than an alternative to it). The appeal will be broad and will include general practice, cardiology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, public health and occupational health as well as surgery. The course offers a career development opportunity for public health nurses, midwives, and medical and surgical nurses within acute hospital- based bariatric teams, as well as nurses in primary care, particularly where large-scale deployment of structured lifestyle programmes within the community is likely with the newly established National Clinical Programme for Obesity. Similarly, psychology, dietetic, occupational therapy and physiotherapy graduates who will ultimately contribute to obesity multidisciplinary care will need advanced training in obesity. Managers within the health service, hospital groups, policy makers and industry stakeholders are also likely to enhance their career prospects through completion of this programme. Minimum Entry Requirements Successful applicants will possess at least a Second Class Honours, Grade 1 (or equivalent) degree in an appropriate clinical or life science degree programme. However, for those who do not hold a primary degree at the required level, a special case can be made if they have demonstrated aptitude for the course material through at least three years of high quality work experience in an obesity-related field (relevant to their background). Candidates coming to Ireland from abroad or who do not have a degree from Ireland or the UK will be asked to provide evidence of an acceptable result in one of the recognised English language proficiency tests, e.g., IELTS total score of 6.5. All prospective candidates will be interviewed either by telephone or by Skype.

CONTACT Professor Francis Finucane Programme Director E:

3 GOOD REASONS TO STUDY THIS COURSE 1. Consolidate your understanding of the causes, complications and treatment of obesity with a flexibly structured course that will suit those based anywhere in Ireland. 2. Study with other students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds in medicine, nursing, sports science, dietetics as well as health policy, economics, marketing and philosophy. 3. The research project offers an excellent opportunity for multidisciplinary collaboration and for peer-reviewed publication of your scientific work.

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