NUI Galway Postgraduate Prospectus 2021

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PROGRAMMES AVAILABLE: LLM DURATION: 1 year, full-time; 2 years, part-time NUMBER OF PLACES: 12 COURSE INSTANCE(S): 1ML15, full-time; 1ML16, part-time FEES AND FUNDING: Fees information and funding opportunities: pages 286 and 288. WHEN TO APPLY: NUI Galway does not set a deadline for receipt of applications (with some exceptions). Offers will be issued on a continuous basis. Candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. See page 284 for full details of when and how to apply.

Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law & Conflict

Your Course The LLM in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law & Conflict provides students with a comprehensive insight into global frameworks of international humanitarian law and human rights protection with the addition of peacekeeping specialisation. This interdisciplinary programme focuses on UN peacekeeping and related operations to provide insights into the peace operations and conflict resolution frameworks. This unique programme offering combines issues relating to peacekeeping, international humanitarian law, human rights and conflict resolution to prepare graduates for work in the field of international peace operations with international organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and as individual advocates. A wide range of subject choices is available to students, drawing on the expertise of our full time staff and prestigious adjunct faculty. List of modules available at: llmprogrammes/modules . Career Opportunities Graduates have gone on to work with the UN, OSCE, NATO and the EU. Others are working with NGOs in conflict and post- conflict environments, including the DRC, Haiti, Liberia, Sudan and Kosovo. Military and police personnel from Ireland and elsewhere have completed the degree with a view to enhancing their career prospects. Minimum Entry Requirements Applicants must normally have attained at primary degree level a result of Second Class Honours Grade 1 or equivalent. However, those falling short of this standard may be considered where they can demonstrate other appropriate academic accomplishments as well as relevant work experience. Also, candidates who have completed a military command and staff course or its equivalent at an institute recognised by NUI Galway and who have relevant professional experience that, in the opinion of the School of Law, qualifies them to read for the LLM may also be considered. Candidates who have significant experience in the field of peace operations and/or international human rights, for example, with international organisations or international NGOs, are encouraged to apply under this rubric. FIND OUT MORE AT: international-peace-support-operations.html AND llmprogrammes AND doctoralprogramme/

CONTACT Professor Ray Murphy T: +353 91 493 081 E:

3 GOOD REASONS TO STUDY THIS COURSE 1. Extra credit opportunities:

The programme provides 15 credits in exchange for submission of a written

assignment of appropriate length reviewing previous international field experience. 2. The programme may also recognise and credit a peace operations course of appropriate duration delivered at another centre/institute recognised by NUI Galway. 3. Excellent and diverse career opportunities are available to graduates of this course.

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