GMIT Prospectus 2021/22

Our HERITAGE RESEARCH GROUP operates across several GMIT campuses. Our expertise is in the principal forms of cultural heritage – intangible, tangible, natural, and digital. Our mission is to explore the past, so as to

RESEARCH IN GMIT GMIT’s research activities focus strongly on achieving positive economic and societal impact, particularly where that delivers regional development. This applied focus delivers innovative outputs in partnership with industry, community and other external stakeholders. Our established Research Centres, focusing on marine and freshwater science, and medical and engineering technologies, are complemented by growing research excellence in Business, Heritage and Tourism studies, Sports and Nutrition, Energy Engineering, Building and Civil Engineering, Information & Communication Technologies, Arts and Design.

comprehend the present and make a secure future. In addition to conducting basic research that enriches our appreciation of heritage, the group specialises in applied postgraduate education and research – focusing on the practical use of the past in the contemporary cultural heritage, historic environment, and tourism industries. Through creative works, cultural productions and public history initiatives, we keep heritage alive and accessible. For more information, see Our BUSINESS RESEARCH INNOVATION NETWORK has a distinct focus on important policy challenges and governance issues. Our core research strengths are in: • Logistics – Including Humanitarian Logistics • Transport Economics • Business Systems Modelling • Entrepreneurship and Innovation • Business Education • Marine and Maritime Economics For more information, see Through the IRISH CONCUSSION RESEARCH CENTRE staff and research students aim to: • Develop education and awareness programmes to better understanding of concussion and related illnesses, • Deliver concussion management and recovery methodologies, and, • Examine and promote strategies to reduce the risks of sports concussion. For more information, see


GMIT’s substantial capacity in strategically targeted areas of applied marine and freshwater research aligns strongly with current national and international research priorities. GMIT’s Marine and Freshwater Research Centre (MFRC) involves about 75 people: 30 research-active academic staff and contract researchers, and 45 postgraduates collaborating on research that enables sustainability, conserves biodiversity and improves productivity. The team carries out research projects in cooperation with agencies and industry and provides expertise and advice to national and international bodies. See


The multidisciplinary research team in GMIT’s Medical Engineering Technologies Research Centre (MET) provides clinically inspired solutions to the clinical community and is a key support to the global medical technology and engineering cluster based in Galway. MET has unique capacity in the design and development of advanced clinically relevant in-vitro simulators that replicate parts of the human anatomy, and disease conditions. These anatomical models are used to evaluate and develop novel implantable medical devices, to train clinicians, and to inform complex surgical procedures. Successful collaboration with the MedTech sector has led to the establishment of the Enterprise Ireland supported Medical and Engineering Technologies Gateway at GMIT Through the Gateway programme the MET team offer industry an excellent platform for research and innovation in: • Medical Imaging Technologies • Biomedical Engineering Technologies • Data Analytics and Visualisation • Design Engineering and Verification • Medicinal Nutrition


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