GMIT Prospectus 2021/22

VOLUNTEERING & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT GMIT students are involved in a range of civic engagement and volunteering projects across all major disciplines. Students have an opportunity to undertake a five credit module in Civic Engagement, which appoints students in responsible and challenging actions in a range of non- profit organisations. Students can also apply for the GMIT President's Thrive Award for Volunteering. To be considered for this award, students must volunteer for 25 hours which can be done with outside organisations or on certain initiatives within GMIT. GMIT liaises with Volunteer Galway to offer volunteering opportunities for this award.

STUDENT RESOURCES GMIT campuses are well equipped to make sure that you have everything you need on site – from libraries, sports facilities and IT centres, to the ever-popular meeting point of the canteen/coffee shop. The Dublin Road campus in Galway City also has a number of training restaurants, where you can enjoy three-course meals at discounted prices.

HEALTHY CAMPUS runs several initiatives to promote Positive Health and Wellbeing among the GMIT Community. In January 2020, we introduced GMIT's Clean Air (No Smoking or Vaping) Campus Policy. Ongoing Healthy Campus activities include staff and student choirs, delivery of consent workshops, exercise challenges such as the Marchathon as well as regular promotions in relation to positive mental health, quiing smoking, healthy nutrition and reducing the use of alcohol and drugs.

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