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Niall Cunniffe BSc in Education (Design Graphics and Construction)

I graduated from the teacher education programme in GMIT Letterfrack in 2019. My decision to study in GMIT Letterfrack came about because of my love for the practical subjects, which I was taught in secondary school, and from a visit to one of the open days on campus which greatly impressed me. During that visit, I was amazed at the courses the campus had to offer and the education programme appealed to me the most. I began my studies in 2015. The first two years were delivered in the Letterfrack campus where my practical, design and wood machining skills were enhanced. I learned a lot about theories of educational practice and was introduced to psychology of education. My final two years were spent at the Dublin Rd. campus in Galway city. During these two years my ability to teach was developed through the school placements. I found the advice and mentoring I received frommy placement lecturers invaluable. Their expert knowledge, in particular, in the technical subjects was first class and the interest they took in their students was greatly appreciated. I found my final year of college very interesting. The Dissertation is a pivotal module which allows the students the opportunity to research a topic that is important to them in the

area of education and the technology subjects. The four years that I spent studying in GMIT Letterfrack fully prepared me for the real world of education. GMIT Letterfrack has the reputation of being very much hands on when it comes to practical work. This, in my experience, stood me in good stead when applying for teaching jobs. School Principals have told me that they are very impressed with the quality of graduate teachers GMIT Letterfrack produces. I am currently teaching in Coláiste Naomh Éinne, Inis Mór, Galway an all Irish secondary school. The school is well resourced and has a comprehensive technology department to which I enjoy contributing. It is very satisfying to have my own students and to work with them on the designing and manufacturing of interesting projects. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in GMIT Letterfrack. I have made lifelong friends and have many outstanding memories of my time there. I highly recommend the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Education, (Design, Graphics and Construction) degree to any student who is interested in pursuing a career in Technical Education. I do not believe my life would be as exciting as it today without my experience of attending GMIT Letterfrack. Studying in Letterfrack has propelled my career and I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in a career as an educator.

Richard Dunphy BSc in Education (Design Graphics and Construction)

The skills which I learned have allowed me to become a creative teacher with exceptional subject knowledge and a leader in my field.

I graduated with a BSc. (Honours) in Education (Design Graphics and Construction) from the National Centre of Excellence GMIT Letterfrack in 2019. I decided to go into teaching because of my interest in construction and technology. I also had an interest in working with young people and that’s where the idea of teaching came from as I could merge the two. My decision to study in the renowned GMIT Letterfrack was a difficult decision at the time as it was so far away frommy home county of Waterford, but once I started I knew I had made the right decision. The hands-on learning approach was an amazing way to help grow my knowledge and skills. The skills which I learned have allowed me to become a creative teacher with exceptional subject knowledge and a leader in my field.

My time in Letterfrack was some of the most exciting and rewarding years of my life. I had the opportunity to learn from highly skilled and creative educators as well as the opportunity to meet fellow minded people like myself, which I now consider lifelong friends. The educational experience in Letterfrack is unique not just because of its amazing location but because, the class sizes are small which allow one-to-one engagement with lectures. The expectations from expert lecturers for each student to achieve their very best throughout the four years from design, projects, graphics right through to teaching placement is extraordinary.

Careers in Teacher Education • Construction Studies / Materials Technology (Wood) Teacher • Design and Communication Graphics / Technical Graphics Teacher • Researcher • Education Management

• Academic Co-ordinator • Product Design • Craft Technician (furniture) • Art Teacher

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