GMIT Prospectus 2021/22

Student experience

Student experience

Cara Feely (Graduate of Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science)

Emma Fuller (Forensics Science and Analysis)

I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience in the State Laboratory as I got the opportunity to develop my confidence by independently working in a laboratory. It was a great experience as I got to meet new people in the working environment, work with a team and see

This course provides an excellent foundation for anybody looking for a career requiring a scientific background. It’s a thriving and exciting industry from Pharmaceuticals to Medical Devices with many areas to specialise in.

what it is like in a lab outside college. I feel like I have matured, improved time management and analytical skills. It was great to be able to apply what I learned in college to real life scenarios. With the state lab being an accredited laboratory, it was a great experience to work at such a high standard. When returning to college in fourth year, I felt much more confident in my skills and abilities and not completely depending on the help of a lecturer unless it was necessary. This work placement allowed me to confirm that this is the type of field I want to be in when I finish my studies.

The course is flexible at the beginning allowing you to try a whole range of science subjects before making a final choice. The course equips you with all the necessary skills needed in the laboratory with a hands-on practical approach to simulating group discussions and presentations in the classrooms. You will receive continued support throughout the four years from lecturers & career guidance counsellors only to deepen your interests and explore all opportunities available to you, they truly are fantastic. Galway is known globally as the medical technology industry hub, with employers both locally and globally willing to take students for work placement and employment. Personally, that's what separates this course from the rest, the invaluable six months’ work placement that is offered in final year. GMIT has a remarkable network of companies built up for students to utilise during this time, it’s no surprise year after year the employers are all too keen for the students to return. I was lucky enough to be offered my work placement in the Quality department at Neuravi, Cerenovus , Co. Galway. After my placement had finished I was offered a job with the same company as a Regulatory Affairs Specialist - where I still am today & absolutely love it.

Student experience

Brandy Pearce (Physics and Instrumentation)

The work experience module was an invaluable learning opportunity. Working with Hanley

Calibration provided me the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained throughout my academic years, to real life situations, while in turn awarding me a whole new skill set. Not only did work placement offer me insight into one of the many possible career paths of the Physics and Instrumentation course, but also provided me with meaningful connections, many of whom I am still in contact with today. I would highly recommend for everyone to participate in a work experience module if given the opportunity in their respective courses, as it provides students with the necessary skills and connections for life after college.

Student experience

Caoimhe McCormack (Physics and Instrumentation)

I got the opportunity to complete my placement working as a technical assistant with the Marine Institute . The project I was given to undertake while there was to determine which charges better, solar panels in series or solar panels in parallel.

Student experience

Cian Greaney (Public Health Nutrition) My placement was with the HSE in the field of Community Nutrition & Dietetics. I truly believe there could not have been a more valuable placement opportunity than this one. This placement provided me with experience in the community setting helping

Placement gives you a chance to see what work is available after you finish college and it helps determine if your preferred field is actually the area you want to go into. I found my placement combined many of the modules I had studied over the three years in areas such as Electronic Instrumentation, Programming, Green Energy Technologies, Metrology, Standards and Calibration. Overall I feel my placement was hugely valuable and increased my capability for the course as I improved my programming ability and worked with a lot of electronic components including the building of circuits.

in many health promotion activities like Healthy Food Made Easy, a Whole School Approach to Healthy Eating, and Weaning Workshops. It also provided me with experience in Dietetic clinics with children with severe disabilities. The placement has also provided me with vital connections in the area of nutrition in Galway and the West of Ireland. The placement had many worthwhile tasks to be completed which gave me great satisfaction and made me feel as if I was making a difference to many people's lives, not just learning for myself.


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