GMIT Prospectus 2021/22

Student experience

Christoph Brink BA in Culinary & Gastronomic Science (Current Student)

My journey in GMIT has been the best two years of my life so far. I started in GMIT initially through the springboard initiative with a minor award in Culinary Arts, from there I was able to make connections with lecturers and get a taste of what GMIT has to offer. Immediately, I wanted to progress my education even though I had previously not done very well in school. The way that college and GMIT especially approaches teaching via freedom of expression and factual research, allowed me to get passionate about every topic and every class. I chose my course, Culinary and Gastronomic Science, because I always loved, food and I cannot remember a time I was not fascinated with science and the advancement of knowledge. GMIT blends both of these worlds well, with passionate experts in their fields teaching the subjects it is impossible not to be invested. What really stands out to me is that no matter what subject I was learning, the lecturers always had stories or examples from the real world that they have lived through, which made the lessons real instead of just learning something off. So far I have learned so much, had some amazing opportunities and have met the most genuine and incredible people. I look forward to continuing my studies in Culinary & Gastronomic Science over the next few years.


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